August 2020 release!

Words cannot explain how happy I feel sharing my upcoming children's book with you. A heartfelt thanks to the Canadian Publisher, who said YES immediately after reading my manuscript. Special gratitude to the people who fought hard behind the scenes to make this possible. To my fantastic South African Illustrator ~

working with you was a breeze, even though you live a continent away - 

Your vision and authentic talents gifted life to my story.

Thanks to my readers for your continued encouragement! Thank you all!

"My Soca Birthday Party: with Jollof Rice & Steel Pans."

As Anne’s birthday drew close, her friends prepared a soca party. Anne loves the sound of Caribbean soca music played on steel pans and West Africa’s spicy jollof rice. Hence, her friends planned to celebrate her special day with a fusion of sounds and traditional dishes from Caribbean and African countries — a representation of their diverse yet comparable cultures.

Anne was in for a real surprise.

Garnalma Press

Toronto, Canada

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